Healthy House, Healthy Family

Most of us would prefer to let the household chores slip once in a while. After all, cleaning can be difficult, especially if you are worn out from your day to day life. It also seems to be a thankless task – no sooner have you finished the washing, but more is added. It seems impossible to keep ahead. Still, when it comes to vacuum cleaning, you should never give up. Your vacuum is the first line of defense against disease causing germs and bacteria.

Does that sound a little over-dramatic? It does not make it any less true. If you were to take a sample of your carpet to a lab for analysis, you would be horrified at the numbers of organisms that make that their home. You have a mini-jungle in there and the dust mites are the kings of that jungle. The dirt and dust of day to day life acts as their fuel and they can really thrive there. Still, if I cannot see it, why worry about it?

Well, dust mites can cause major problems when it comes to allergic reactions. Just breathing them in is enough to trigger varying levels of symptoms in people that are prone to these allergies. And a dust mite allergy is a lot more common than you think – it has been said that it is pollen and then dust mites that are the leading causes of respiratory allergies. If that doesn’t gross you out enough, think on this – they also eat dead human skin and thrive on it. Is that really what you want to breathe in?

Should anyone in your home be ill or suffer with an immune disorder, they are even more at risk. In this case it is vital to make sure that regular vacuuming of every surface where dust can accummulate is carried out and steam cleaning should also become part of the regular routine. The steam kills the mites, the vacuuming reduces the amount of food that they have on hand. Even if your family has not officially been diagnosed as having a problem, consider whether or not they have a lot of sniffles and blocked noses. If so, that could be a mild mite allergy that has developed.

It can be very tough to figure out what an allergy is caused by, especially of it is an environmental one, all you can really do is to stack the odds in your favor. This means no slacking off when it comes to cleaning your home. This will also help for all other sources of bugs as well – if you have never had to endure the misery brought on by bed bugs, for example, I hope you never do. Get rid of all bugs in a hurry.